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"School counselors, teachers and administrators are seeing the value of School Pulse, but one of the greatest strengths is the opportunity for parents/guardians to participate. When the messages are viewed by both kids and adults, it can spark the conversations that need to take place in homes and with trusted adults outside of the school setting. Schools are limited in what they can and should do and School Pulse becomes an effective tool for parents and families."
Debbie Critchfield
Cassia School District Communications Director

"SchoolPulse has bridged a gap between students and school counselors by allowing students to anonymously check in with your online team. We appreciate the feedback on the professional dashboard side which allows us to gain a truer vision of our students' well-being. The staff is able to encourage students to use the SchoolPulse counselors when we are not available. SchoolPulse is providing dialogue with students and their mental health awareness. This program is every school counselor's friend! Thanks for being a part of our journey to providing support for our kids' mental health needs. I believe that this is the best program...in the world. We are completely loving SchoolPulse!!!"
Patty O’Hare
Lead Counselor at Texico, New Mexico

"What I love about SchoolPulse is that it is a whole school positive behavior intervention that gives us a proactive connection to our students. This connection helps drive our intervention efforts."
Justin Keate
Desert Hills Principal

"We have loved having SchoolPulse in our building this year. It has given us great insight into what struggles students are having. We have had several opportunities to be proactive with self-harm and potential abuse outside of school from viewing the dashboard where messages are posted. Our school will definitely keep using SchoolPulse!"
Aaron Jarnagin
Tooele Principal

"My school is new to School Pulse. It is a fantastic addition to our SEL staff. We have 6 counselors, an Intervention Specialist, and a Social Worker. With 3,000 students, School Pulse expands our capacity for our Tier 1 students. I am greatly relieved, as I often get upset with the lack of time in a day to reach EVERY student who needs to talk. In fact, SP helped us out just this past week. One of our seniors told SP she was pregnant. She stated she knew me and the Social Worker but hadn’t told us. I was on alert! Sure enough, a teacher told me she overheard a conversation. I pulled in the student—whom I knew very well—and asked. It was her; she was afraid to tell me as she did not want to disappoint me. Thank you School Pulse!!"
Susan Hennessy
Prevention & Intervention Specialist

"School Pulse has been an awesome addition to our campus as it has acted as a supplement to the students we are seeing as well as students who may feel uncomfortable reaching out to us directly. Students enjoy the regular messages from the wonderful staff from School Pulse and these interactions create virtual bonds which allow students to feel comfortable being vulnerable."
Talasha Thues, MSW
School Social Worker

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I could go on, but I won't. You've already heard it all, and what you need are practical and ridiculously easy to implement solutions.

Honestly, this is the easiest decision you'll make all year! Think of it as the SEL tool that never sleeps, and has the ability to reach the whole school while also intervening individually with every student.